925 Silver Isis Egyptian Goddess Atum Ra Enhead of Heliopoli A22

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This is a lovely 925 Silver Isis Egyptian Goddess Pendant. Isis was part of the Enhead of Heliopolis family of nine gods descendant from the creator god Ra or Atum. Isis was first mentioned around 2686 AD - 2181 BC where she resurrected her slain husband Osiris. She continued to protect their heir Horus, and was believed to help the dead enter the afterlife. She was considered to be the divine mother of the Pharoah. Her aid was invoked in healing spells to help people. Stamped 925. A nice hand woven cord will be included with the pendant so it can be worn right away Size: 1.25" tall and 1.4" wide ( 2.4 cm tall and 3.6 cm wide ) Weight: .19 oz ( 5.2 gm )