Natural Grade A Jade Jadeite Kuan Yin Pendant Necklace A26674

Everest Crystal Art

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This is a gorgeous natural White Jadeite Jade Kuan Yin Necklace. I got it on a recent trip to Northern Thailand in Mae Sai near the Myanmar border. Myanmar is the largest producer of Jadeite Jade in the world. 

The pendant has very detail. The necklace beads are also Jadeite Jade as well.  

Pendant Size: 1.9" tall and 1.3" wide ( 5 cm tall and 3.2 cm wide ) 

Necklace Length:  22" ( 28 cm ) 

Pendant Weight: .75 oz  ( 21 gm )

Necklace Weight: 1.54 oz ( 44 gm )