Natural Lapis Lazul Vajra Dorje Pendant Necklace Carving Nepal A17

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This is a lovely Lapis Lazul Viswa Vajra Dorje pendant necklace from Nepal. It has a nice net design. The laps has a two toned color of deep blue and light blue grey. I brought it back with me from a recent trip there. I will include a nice hand woven cord with a wood clasp from Nepal as well. The cord will be back or brown depending on what I have available. The Lapis pendant will be the same one pictured.
In Nepal Vajras are kept around the house to bring good luck and ward off evil. The vajra is known as the destroyer of evil.
No chips or damage

 Size: 1.7" long and 1.7" wide ( 4.5 cm long and 4.5 cm wide ) 

Weight: .38 oz ( 11.7 gm )