Natural Quartz Stone Viswa Vajra Dorje Carving Nepal Art A68

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This is a lovely Quartz Crystal Viswa Vajra dorje from Nepal. I brought it back with me from a recent trip there. It has some areas that are clearer and some that are a bit more cloudy. The vajra is known as the thunderbolt which cannot be cut, cannot be destroyed but destroys all evil. When two thunderbolts are crossed they are known as a Viswa Vajra.When two thunderbolts are crossed it is called a Viswa Vajra. It is the emblem of Amoghasiddhi. In Buddhist Tantra the word generally designates Sunya or Void which cannot be cut, cannot be destroyed but which destroys all evils. I know whoever gets this carving will love it. Size: 5.4" long and 5.4" wide ( 13.5 cm long and 13.5 cm wide) Point to Point Weight: 415 gm ( 14.6 oz )