Natural rainbow stone Quartz vajra dorje carving Nepal art A96

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This is a lovely Quartz Crystal Vajra dorje from Nepal. I brought it back with me from a recent trip there. It carved from mostly clear quartz. It is in good shape. It has some inclusions in the stone but never cracked or broken. I checked under a magnifying glass. this is common in natural stone.  I will include a protective box with it for transport and display. There is a pretty tiny rainbow when the light hits the stone a certain way. 

In Nepal Vadjras are kept around the house to bring good luck and ward of evil. The Vajra is known to be the destroyer of evil and the mineral Quartz is known to cleans the energy around it. It can help people tap into higher intuitive thinking and receive intuitive information. Quartz in believed to store information and has been used in many ways as a conductor.

No real chips or damage. There a several natural inclusion

in the stone but it was not broken or anything. 

       Size: 4.2" long and 1.2" wide ( 10.7 cm long and 3.1 cm wide )

       Weight: 3.1 oz ( 87.5 gm )