24 K Gold Avalokitesvara Deity Thangka Thanka Painting Nepal Himalayan Art A3

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This is a gorgeous 24 K Gold Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Deity Thangka Painting that I brought back with me from Nepal on my last trip. It has really nice detail 

A brief story of Avalokitesvara:

Avalokitesvara Took a vow never to rest him until he freed all sentient beings from suffering. despite strenuous effort he found the task too difficult and he basically fell to pieces. His arms shattered and it head split into eleven pieces. Amitabha Buddha witnessing his plight gave him eleven heads one for each piece that his original head had split into. As for his arms Amitabha Buddha gave him a thousand arms to aid the multitude of suffering humanity.

No noticeable flaws in the artwork. The canvas is very clean and in good shape except there is a small black mark in the upped right hand corner side outside of the artwork in the border area. 


The painting will be shipped unframed rolled in a tube.

I know whoever gets this painting is really going to treasure it

Painting Size:  19.8" Tall and 15.4" wide ( 50.3 cm tall and 39 cm wide ) including border. 17.9" Tall and 13.3" wide ( 45.5 cm tall and 33.8 cm wide ) excluding border.