24 K gold Ganesh Ganesha Thangka Thanka painting Nepal A

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This is a beautiful Ganesh Thangka painting from Nepal. It was hand made there and I brought it back with me from my last trip konwing someone would love to have it. Ganesh is known as the Destroyer of obstacles and the lord of beginnings. His emergence as a deity arose about the 4th century AD in India spanning into Nepal and Tibet and devotion became popular in both Hundu and Buddhist religions. One may wish to research futher about the history and significance of Lord Ganesh as well as make offerings, the practice of Puja from the home

Painting Size: 15.70" tall and 13.01" wide ( 39.9 cm tall and 33 cm wide ) including border. 13.75" tall and 11.02" wide ( 39.4 cm tall and 28 cm wide ) excluding border.