925 Silver pendant ancient sea ammonite fossil A

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925 Silver pendant ancient sea ammonite fossil A

This is a lovely 925 silver light Amber color ammonite fossil pendant with very special silver work. The fossil originates from Madagascar and the fine sliver work was done in Thailand. The Silver is snug around the fossil. Well made. Stamped 925 on the clasp.

Some history of Ammonites.

The Ammonites or Ammonoid Cephalopods appeared in the late Silurian period about 400 million years ago. They became extinct along with the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period 65 million years ago. There name comes from their spiral shape appearing similar to rams horns. This name can be traced back to the Greeks comparing them to the Egyptian god of Ammon who is depicted as wearing Rams horns. They likely ate fish, crustaceans, and other small creatures. They themselves were preyed upon by large marine reptiles like Mosasaurs and some shells even bear the teeth marks from such attacks. 

Size: 1.5" tall and 1.3" wide  (  3.8 cm tall and  3.3 cm wide  )  

Weight: 18 gm  (  0.65  oz   ) 


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