925 Silver Viswa Vajra Dorje Mandala pendant necklace jewelry art A3

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This is a gorgeous Viswa Vajra Dorje silver pendant from Thailand. It has good detail and was stamped 925 on the back. I will include a nice hand woven cord from Nepal as well so it can be worn right away. The Viswa Vajra originated in the area of Nepal and Tibet where it is believed to bring good luck and protection to its owner. Stamped 925. The vajra is known as the thunderbolt which cannot be cut, cannot be destroyed but destroys all evil. When two thunderbolts are crossed they are known as a Viswa Vajra.When two thunderbolts are crossed it is called a Viswa Vajra. It is the emblem of Amoghasiddhi. In Buddhist Tantra the word generally designates Sunya or Void which cannot be cut, cannot be destroyed but which destroys all evils.On the back of the pendant there is a lovely mandala design so the pendant can be reversible for a different look.

Size: 1.15" diameter (3 cm diameter) not including the bail

Weight: .41 oz (11.7 gm)