Large 24 K Gold Avalokiteshvara Sahasrabhuja Lokeshvara Thangka Thanka painting

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This is a gorgeous large 24 K Gold Thousand Arm Avalokiteshvara  Sahasrabhuja Lokeshvara Thangka Painting from Nepal. I selected this painting for its clean precise work, beautiful colors and and incredible 3D feel. In this painting Lokeshvara is holding a cintamani, a transparent wish stone that will fulfull all non-material wishes. In his upper left hand he is holding a blue lotus; in his upper right hand, a string of 108 prayer beads. 108 is one of the holiest numbers in buddhism.  Size: 32.5" tall and 23.2" wide ( 82.6 cm tall and 58.9 cm wide ) including red border. 29.5" tall and 20.25" wide ( 74.9 cm tall and 51.4 cm wide ) excluding red border.