Natural Jade Agate Stone Bangle Bracelet Thailand Jewlry Art A18


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This is a beautiful natural stone Agate Carnelian Onyx Bangle from Northern Thailand.

I found it there on a recent buying trip. It has stunning orange red yellow colors. This stone often referred to

as honey jade is technically an agate with the interchangeable term Carnelian Onyx depending on slight color variations. 


Best for a medium woman's wrist.

No chips or damage 

Size: 3.15" ( 8 cm ) diameter on the outside and 2.5" ( 6.35 cm ) diameter 

on the inside. Thickness is .7" ( 1.8 cm ) wide looking at it from the side

 and .35" ( .9 cm ) looking at it from the top as it is laying on a flat surface.

Weight: 2.62 oz ( 70.8 gm )