Natural Quartz Crystal Kartika Vajra Doje Axe stone art Nepal Buddhist A6

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This is a lovely Quartz Kartika Axe carving from Nepal. It was hand made from high quality clear stone. I brought it back from Nepal with me on my last trip knowing that someone would love to have it. 

The Kartika is a hatchet or axe that in Buddhism symbolizes the freeing of attachment to the material world. It is the weapon of the wrathful god Mahakala and Dakini whom are protectors of the Buddhist practitioner that aid them in rising above mundane worldly affairs.

It comes with a box for transport and display 

No chips or damage

Size: 2.8" tall and 2.5" wide ( 7.1 cm tall and 6.4 cm wide )

Weight: 1.8 oz ( 51 gm ) not including box